SM32 Armed Response Connection Relay Module

SM32 Armed Response Connection Relay Module

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SM32 Armed Response Connection Relay Module:

To begin with, the SM32 Armed Response Connection Relay Module:

Therefore allows all our GSM Wireless alarm Systems.

Also to be connected to an armed response company.

Therefore, all you need installed by the Armed Response Company is:

A radio transmitter with a 12V Battery to charge it.

This means that when any of the Wireless Alarm gets triggered,

Send a signal to your armed response company.

Also at the same time:

You will get the phone calls as well as SMS on the numbers.

Which you saved to inform you of the security breach.

What is Armed Response?

Armed response security personnel protect:

  • Corporate facilities

  • Diplomatic

  • Or government offices

  • And other sensitive locations.

Such as nuclear power plants, from the risk of attack by:

  • Terrorists

  • Bombers or

  • Common criminals.

  • They must be ready to engage active shooters.

  • Or other assailants to put an immediate stop to acts of violence.

They hire an armed security guard as a part of their duties too:

  • Prevent theft

  • Prevent loss

  • Protect property

  • Prevent or deter criminal activities

  • Protect people

  • Patrol and safeguard businesses,

  • Commercial properties and other private properties

  • Prevent, deter, or diffuse violence

  • Crowd control

An armed security officer is a position of major responsibility.

Wherefore an armed security officer is not.

A law enforcement official, or at least not an active law enforcement official.

They have similarly talents and duties in a much more limited role.

Armed security officers are private security guards.

In the course of their duties.

Have access to or carry on their persons a firearm.

These are licensed, highly trained guards.

As carrying a firearm cannot be held lightly.

Anyone who is carrying a firearm.

As a result may very well have to use the weapon as a part of their duties.

Therefore, they must completely understand how to:

Use the weapon

Store the weapon.

Take care of the weapon

And also be trained to do all that they can to avoid using the weapon.