SM32 Alarm Wireless Curtain Sensor

SM32 Alarm Wireless Curtain Sensor

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SM32 Alarm Wireless Curtain Sensor:

To begin with the SM32 Alarm Wireless Curtain Sensor comes with intelligent direction recognition function.

It is a digital micro-processing sensor which uses energy accumulation

Logic processing, automatic increment, random dynamic time division and other technologies.

The passive infrared part of sensor uses a precision cylindrical Fresnel lens.

This is to improve the efficiency of energy reception, high sensitivity but no false alarms, and with advanced patented software technology.

The interference factors of false positives make an accurate judgment.

The detector also has a direction recognition function, and the installation mode is optional.

So that the user can select the preferred setting mode according to his own choice.

The detector’s unique tamper-proof design eliminates the need to worry about the sensor being damaged or opened by an intruder.

It can be widely used in front of windows and even doors

Comes with 3V CR123 battery, unique power-saving design, battery life of more than one year.


6m detection distance

Wall mount height – 1.6 – 2.4 meters

Ceiling mount – 2.5 – 4 meters

Is wireless home security reliable?

Both wired and wireless surveillance systems offer your home protection.

As well as security while you are away.

Wired systems cost less and are permanently installed as fixtures in your home.

While a wired system is more reliable.

Since it doesn’t have batteries that need changing.

It becomes useless during a power outage.

Is wireless security cameras good?

When wireless is best

A wireless security camera system has a few distinct advantages.

Over its wired counterparts.

For one, they’re remarkably easy to install.

Additionally, wireless cameras are good for those of us with a general preference for smart appliances.