SM32 Alarm System Wireless Ceiling Sensor

SM32 Alarm System Wireless Ceiling Sensor

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SM32 Alarm System Wireless Ceiling Sensor:

To begin with our SM32 Alarm System Wireless Ceiling Sensor is a ceiling-mount.

As well as a passive infrared intelligent intrusion detector.

It is a single detector that uses digital technology for micro-processing control.

Also the shape design has been improved to match with the modern home decoration.

The infrared part adopts the precision Fresnel lens technology to improve the efficiency of energy reception.

The double shielding technology is used to effectively prevent external interference and enhance the stability of the detector.

This sensor works very well in environments with very high roofs/ceilings.

Suitable for various indoor environments

Built in Fresnel which increase energy receiving efficiency to reduce false alarms

Adjustable pulse counting to suit your needs

Anti-tamper switch

Battery Low indication

Detect a distance of 6*6 meters

Uses 2AA Batteries

Can be installed at a height of 1.8 to 2.5m

Planning is key.
Do not rush the installation.

Draw picture for item placement.

Plan wiring routes whether inside ceiling space or flat roof.

So let’s go:
All wiring is done from detectors to control panel.

Fairly easy as there are little room for errors.
If available, program the control panel with a serial connector and laptop

Alarm Definition:
This is a basic definition that has a broad scope.

An alarm system is essentially any mechanism or series of mechanisms.

That trigger an alert that there is a problem in or around the house.

A home security alarm can be one of the first lines of defense when it comes to unauthorized invasions.

Wireless Devices:
Wireless detectors and devices that is battery powered
Battery life span can range up to 4 years depending on operation
Wireless devices is making use of frequency.