SM32 Alarm System Remote Control

SM32 Alarm System Remote Control

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SM32 Alarm System Remote Control:

To begin with the SM32 Alarm System Remote Control is a 6-button wireless remote control

With arm, disarm, stay, emergency button and home automation;
It is very convenient to carry
Can work from the control unit for up to 200 meters with no obstacles

​ As a quick-paced and constant-changing our ways of life are today.

A home security system equipped with remote home security makes sense.

How many times have family members left the house without arming the system?

It’s a simple error, but one that could have regrettable results.

Consider how often better secure your home would be if you could arm and disarm the system as required.

Rather than when you were there to do so.

A remote-controlled arm and disarm is a simple way to further connect you with your home security system.

Using the latest and most convenient form of technology for you and family representatives, consisting of:

  • Wireless keypads in the home

  • The subscriber portal on your subscriber’s website

  • Smartphone app or the touchscreen of a tablet or any mobile device

  • Keychain remote

How Remote Home Security Works

All it takes to arm and disarm is the push of a button when using the key chain remote.

The other choices involve either the entry of your security code or password or login information.

Which button you choose depends on the security you want.

That’s the beauty of it—as the situation changes throughout the day.

It’s a quick and simple command to update your protection.

Remote home security systems include three basic arming modes.

  • Stay—protects your family while they are inside the home. Enter and exit delays are on so people can enter and leave.

  • Instant Stay—is for use at night when nobody is expected to enter or exit.

  • Away—is used when nobody is home.

  • Cancel or Disarm—disarms the system.

  • Panic—to inform police or other emergency services

Remote Controlled Security Options

Once you give remote home security a try.

Expand the convenience and add a few more functions to your remote capabilities.

It’s a simple transition if additional security detectors and monitors are already installed in your home.

  • Cameras give you instant access to photos and live video of your home.

  • It can turn lights on and off and even dimmed.

  • It can adjust thermostats settings as needed.

Who Will Benefit

Anyone who wants the convenience of easy access to their security system will benefit.

But families are away from home most of the day or who travel a lot will enjoy remote control security capability.

For households with children or other family members coming home to an empty house.

The security of monitoring their safe arrivals and thus adjusting the security system is comforting.