GZE96 GSM Wireless Alarm System

GZE96 GSM Wireless Alarm System

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GZE96 GSM Wireless Alarm System:

This  Zone Editing GZE96 GSM Wireless Alarm System sim card just like all our GSM Alarm Systems.

Let’s look at the functions of this trendy Wireless Alarm System:

  • It is wireless

  • Comes with Zone editing capability.

  • This means you can name your zones according to your preferences e.g. ‘John’s Bedroom’, ‘Front Garden’ etc.

  • Its wireless, so you do not have wires all over the place!

  • One relay link to arm or disarm and one relay link to support remote control

  • Your alarm will tell you when and where your alarm is triggered

  • As soon as your alarm is triggered your cell phone will tell you within 3 seconds

  • There is no need for security companies to know when your alarm is triggered!

  • You can monitor the alarm yourself.

  • However, if you want armed response you can connect this alarm to a security company

  • No high installation fees (often installation cost more than you pay for this unit!)

  • Advanced sensor technology to prevent false alarms

  • Set entry or exit delay on sensors.

  • We have plenty of stock and additional types of sensors available

  • Remote control to arm, disarm, panic button, stay at home arm

  • (set certain zones not to be active while at home like your bedroom)

  • 96 Wireless zones + 3 wired zones

  • 100m range between sensors and panel!

  • (keep in mind the more walls it has to go through the lesser the range)

  • Repeaters are available to increase your range up to 600 meters!

  • Bad GSM Signal alert

  • Very loud siren – 110 decibels

  • Many types of wireless sensors available like gas leak sensors, smoke sensors, pet friendly sensors, outside beams etc

  • Can also use wired sensors – new or existing

  • Alarm can be controlled from any phone (land line or cell) – it is password protected with a password that you set yourself

  • Contains microphone so you can phone the alarm and listen what goes on inside your home.

  • By pass your zones via sms command

  • Can call you, your neighbor etc (up to 5 different numbers) when alarm is triggered.

  • You then have options to arm, disarm, listen in or communicate

  • Can send SMS’s when alarm is triggered to 5 different numbers with the exact location where the intrusion happens

  • You can call the alarm to arm or disarm it or to just listen to monitor sound in your house

  • (also great to catch out the kids having parties while you are away on holiday!

  • You can record a message like “This is John’s alarm calling you” that can be played back when alarm calls the numbers you registered in it

  • Built-in rechargeable batteries to keep the alarm operational during a power outage

  • When you move house you take the alarm with you and set it up at the new house.

  • No need to change your settings!

This Wireless Alarm Kit comes with the following:

  • 1 x GZE96 GSM Wireless Alarm System Panel (Includes 7.4V Rechargeable backup batteries,96 Wireless zones, 3 Wired zones)

  • 1 x Sound bomb Siren (110 decibels)

  • 2 x Remotes

  • 1 x Wireless Door Sensor

  • 1 x Wireless indoor Infrared motion Sensor (Not Pet Friendly)

  • Power Supply