GT99 GSM Wireless Alarm System

GT99 GSM Wireless Alarm System

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GT99 GSM Wireless Alarm System:

To begin with this GT99 GSM Wireless Alarm System New alarm system comes in:

White, slim and now coming with a built in TOUCH PAD.

Also the NEW A-S Standard GSM Wireless Alarm System is an affordable.

Easy to use and operate wireless alarm system with latest technology.

Let’s have a look at the functions of the GT99 GSM Wireless Touch Alarm System

  • It is wireless, therefore you do not have any wires running everywhere.

  • You will be notified immediately when your alarm system is triggered

  • You also have the option of connecting to an armed response company of your choice.

  • So when your alarm is triggered, you know and your armed response company also receives a signal.

  • You can install it yourself – easy wireless coding with different wireless sensors to add onto the alarm system

  • It comes with a 4 button remote controls to arm, disarm, home arm( stay mode) and panic.

  • Deactivate your inside zones at night and leave outside perimeter sensors armed

  • It has a lot of room for expansion coming with 99 wireless zones and 4 wired zones

  • Alarm panel comes with a tamper function. If panel is dismounted, the alarm will go off

  • Alarm can be controlled from your cell phone or landline.

  • Arm or disarm your alarm system via sms command or calling into your alarm system.

  • As well as listen in to hear what is going on inside your home.

  • Alarm can call a maximum of 6 phone numbers and sms a maximum of 3 phone numbers.

  • Immediate notification when there is a power outage when your alarm is armed.

  • Alarm comes with built in rechargeable battery to keep the alarm running when there is a power outage.

  • Record your own voice message

  • Voice guide on all operations

  • Come with NEW and ADVANCED sensors with longer battery life

  • It also Comes with 3 groups for setting timely arm and disarm

This Alarm Kit contains the following:

  • 1 x GT99 TOUCH PAD Alarm Panel with built in GSM module

  • 1 x Wireless indoor non pet friendly PIR – NEW TECHNOLOGY CHIP

  • 1 x Wireless magnetic Door sensor – NEW TECHNOLOGY

  • 2 x Remote Controllers

  • Built in Rechargeable battery

  • Power Adapter (DC 12V/1.2A)- South African Plug

  • Siren sound bomb 110 decibels

  • 1 x User Manual