GT10W-Shield GSM Wireless Alarm System

GT10W-Shield GSM Wireless Alarm System

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GT10W-Shield GSM Wireless Alarm System

To begin with the New fancy GT10W-Shield GSM Wireless Alarm System –

Comes in a fashionable shield shape to fit with your modern home.

Also, it is slim, sleek and affordable.

It also now comes with WiFi and with a built in TOUCH PAD.

Let’s look at the functions of this system:

WIFI and GSM dual-network alarm technology;
LCD display and touch pad buttons;
Can learn 8 wireless remotes and 10 RFID cards;
10 wireless zones (80 detectors in total) and 3 wired zones.
Each zone can be independently armed.

It also supports accessories with a low voltage alarm/tamper alarm.
Can preset 6 groups of alarm calls,3 groups of SMS alarms.
Support mobile phone APP (Android and IOS) operation.
With one-way relay alarm linkage output.

4-way wireless home appliance control;
Timing arm/disarm, delay arm, delay alarm, alarm time can be reset;
We can query 30 alarm records.
Built-in high-capacity lithium battery to power the alarm when power off

With CONTACT ID Monitoring Center function

This Alarm Kit contains the following:

1 x Shield design GSM + WIFI Alarm System Panel with RFID and Touch LCD Screen.
1 Wireless indoor non pet friendly PIR–NEW TECHNOLOGY CHIP
1 x Wireless magnetic door sensor–NEW TECHNOLOGY
2 Remote Controllers
2 RFID Cards
1 sound bomb siren 110 decibels
Built in Rechargeable battery
Power Adapter (DC 12V/1.2A)

– South African Plug Siren sound bomb 110 decibels
1 x User Manual


To begin with, if your home doesn’t have a security system.

Pre-installed, wireless systems can solve several problems.

Above all, you won’t have to worry about drilling holes or making other modifications.

So wireless is an attractive option for:

  • Renters

  • Historic homes

  • Or buildings with significant interior brick, stone, or marble construction