G-Series Wireless Outdoor Solar PIR Sensor

G-Series Wireless Outdoor Solar PIR Sensor

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G-Series Wireless Outdoor Solar PIR Sensor:

The G-Series Wireless Outdoor Solar PIR Sensor is Solar operated.

With a 110 degree lens; It uses dual infra-red to ensure a very low level of false alarms.

Pet immune up to 25kg

This sensor is completely wireless with dual passive infrared technology.

It adopts a self-designed mask with DMT technology (anti-masking function)

Digital pulse count adjustable (to make it more or less sensitive).

Auto temperature compensation and energy analysis.

It is excellent in preventing false alarms because of dual infrared

It has a special waterproof design, adopts refined Fresnel lenses.

And uses IR leading wave technology to reach real physical area superposition of PIR.

It is a very good choice outdoor intrusion detector for industrial, commercial, residential areas.


Dual PIR solar outdoor detector with intelligent solar charge technology
Will not be triggered by waving branches/ flowers. Only detects moving human body temperature.

Anti-mask technology
Digital pulse count adjustable for each PIR detection separately
Pet Immunity- Sensor will not pick up pets 25kgs and less
Detects an angle of 110 degrees for 12 meters
Alarm indication LED (red light)
Unique waterproof design IP 65 rating
adjustable bracket to match different detect angle requirements
built-in rechargeable batteries
installation height 1.5m -2.4m/installation/wall/pole/barrier mountable with wide rotation
Design range
Comes in ivory white colour

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Wired systems cost less and are permanently installed as fixtures in your home.

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Since it doesn’t have batteries that need changing.

It becomes useless during a power outage.

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