G-Series Wireless Outdoor 4 Beam Guardrail 40m

G-Series Wireless Outdoor 4 Beam Guardrail 40m

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G-Series Wireless Outdoor 4 Beam Guardrail 40m:

To begin with, our G-Series Wireless Outdoor 4 Beam Guardrail 40m is very versatile and very easy to install.

Wireless but also support wired alarm systems making them compatible with any wired alarm system as well

4 Beams makes it very difficult to jump over or crawl under the beams

Excellent anti-inferential ability: No false alarms when branches sway or small animals pass by.

Maximum distance 40M range.

These beams are wireless to the alarm system.

The beams each need to be supplied with 12V Power for them to run.

Power supply is required at an additional cost


Outdoor beams are weatherproofed infrared detectors, similar to indoor passives.

Which will signal an early warning of a trespasser on the property?

These beams are mounted on building walls to detect movement up to ten meters away.

Within a 90-degree angle range. If triggered.

The pulsed infrared light will sound the alarm system and alert owners to a presence in their yard.


Point-to-point beams, also known as infrared beams, are a reliable and stable form of criminal detection.

They supply these beams in pairs.

–a transmitter and a receiver

–That can be mounted on walls or on brackets outdoors.

The transmitter sends an invisible, continual, pulsed beam of infrared light.

Which is detected by the receiver?

If an intruder or an object such as a person, dog or falling branch breaks the beam.

Alternatively generates an alarm signal.

These outdoor beams are generally installed across a driveway or an entrance and around the exterior perimeter of a property.


A strip beam is another reliable outdoor intruder detection device.

That is mounted on the walls of a house.

For example, on either side of window frames, for an early warning system.

Strip beams consist of four strips of receivers and transmitters.

This generate an invisible pulsed infrared light.

Which detects movement and sends an alarm signal.

If the pulse is broken by an intruder reaching through the beam.

These beams come in differing sizes of up to ten meters.