G-Series Wireless Gas Detector

G-Series Wireless Gas Detector

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G-Series Wireless Gas Detector:

This G-Series Wireless Gas Detector can work with the alarm.

As well as a standalone unit.

As a standalone unit, the sensor makes continuous beeps.

When it detects a gas leakage

You have the option to Hot wire the sensor

Easy installation and maintenance

Modernized design

Detects all sorts of combustible gases, LPG and LNG include city gas

Ideal for all kitchens

Excellent reliability & high stability

Self-test function

Durable sensor head

Less affected by other organic solvent

AC-DC adaptor included

Loud sound signal of 85dB at alarm mode

Suitable for the safety valve

Wireless Gas Detectors & Monitors

Pem-Tech’s cutting-edge wireless gas detection sytems are designed for:

Continuous monitoring of toxic and combustible gases in air.

No complicated system configuration is needed.

Simply assign a unique address to the remote sensor and you are done.

Wireless Gas Detection Benefits

  • Reduced Installation cost.

  • No more expensive cables and underground cable conduits.

  • Also no trouble shooting for the cables.

  • No damage to the main controller in the event of lightning and storms

  • Easily add more sensors in the existing wireless network

  • No complicated system configurations.

Wireless Gas Detector

The Wireless Gas Detector detects the buildup of cooking and heating gases including butane, propane and methane

(Natural Gas) which may indicate a leak and potential danger.

Upon detecting a high level of the gas.

The Wireless Gas Detector will sound the alarm and notify the control panel.