G-Series Wired Siren 110 Decibels

G-Series Wired Siren 110 Decibels

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G-Series Wired Siren 110 decibels

Compatible with G-Series Wired Siren 110 Decibels Alarm Panels

Why You Should Get a Wireless Alarm Siren

If you’re like many system owners.

You’re looking for a way to add a new noisemaker to your security setup.

Maybe you need a louder sounder or you want audible alarms to occur in a second location.

In any case, a wireless siren may provide the perfect solution, especially for DIY users.

External alarm system sirens aren’t just for users with hardwired alarm control panels.

These devices make a great addition to almost any setup.

Adding an external sounder is now easier than ever before thanks to the rise of wireless sirens. Unlike their hardwired predecessors, wireless sirens do not need a relay module or a complicated power supply.

Most can receive power through regular batteries and stay operational for years on end. Programming is generally very easy even for novice users.

And we’re not talking about a conventional hardwired siren that is operated using a wireless relay like a Honeywell 5800RL

We’re talking about true wireless sirens that communicate directly with the security panel.

There remains a common misconception that hardwired sirens are significantly louder than their wireless counterparts.

While there are still industrial and commercial locations that need hardwired sounders.

The reality is that there are some extremely loud wireless sirens available for almost any alarm system.

Nearly every home can get the results they need using a wireless sounder.

And if you’re a DIY user installing your own home security system.

There’s practically no reason to even consider using a hardwired device when you can get great results using a wireless sounder.

At the end of the day, there are still louder wired siren options than wireless sirens.

But the difference is not as big as you might expect.

We have encountered wired sirens that produce sounds of up to 120-125 dB.

Meanwhile, the most powerful wireless sirens tend to top out at the 105-110 dB rang.

But there are almost no residential applications that need the power of a hardwired siren!

A 105 dB wireless siren will still alert everyone in the building to an alarm event.

Keep in mind that 105 dB is about as loud as a powerful table saw.

You will certainly hear it!