G-Series Optex BX-80NR Wireless Outdoor Beam

G-Series Optex BX-80NR Wireless Outdoor Beam

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G-Series Optex BX-80NR Wireless Outdoor Beam:

This G-Series Optex BX-80NR Wireless Outdoor Beam is perfect to:

Create a secure boundary around your house or business premises.

Also it has size judging function which detects the infrared heat energy emitted by humans.

It is compatible with our SM32 Alarm, G-Series Alarms and E-Series Alarms

  • It is waterproof with an IP Rating of IP55 so can be mounted outside even in the rain.

  • The has dual infrared sensors which detect 12 meters to the right and 12 meters to the left making the total coverage 24 meters

  • The detection range of the BX- 80NR beam can be adjusted to prevent the sensor from detecting unwanted objects.

Is wireless home security reliable?

Both wired and wireless surveillance systems offer your home protection.

As well as security while you are away.

Wired systems cost less and are permanently installed as fixtures in your home. While a wired system is more reliable.

Since it doesn’t have batteries that need changing.

It becomes useless during a power outage.

Is wireless security cameras good?

When wireless is best

A wireless security camera system has a few distinct advantages.

Over its wired counterparts.

For one, they’re remarkably easy to install.

Additionally, wireless cameras are good for those of us with a general preference for smart appliances.