EC100 Wireless Alarm System

EC100 Wireless Alarm System

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To begin with the EC100 Wireless Alarm System is the alarm to consider.

If you do not have a consideration for the GSM Function.

Maybe you are out camping and you just want the alarm to make noise when there is an intrusion

It is a very affordable alarm system which comes with a 120DB built in siren and strobe light It is very easy to move around.
Also it is Ideal for big or small areas where the GSM is not necessary.

Let’s have a look at the functions of this simple Wireless Alarm System

  • It is wireless, so you do not have any wires running everywhere.

  • When your alarm system is triggered, the siren will scream and the strobe light will flash constantly.

  • You can install it yourself – easy wireless coding with different wireless sensors to add onto the alarm system

  • It comes with a 3 button remote controls to arm, disarm, and panic.

  • It has a lot of room for expansion coming with 100 wireless zones

  • Alarm panel comes with a tamper function. If panel is dismounted, the alarm will go off

  • The alarm is compatible with all the accessories in the E-Series Alarm accessories

This Alarm Kit for the EC100 Wireless Alarm System contains the following:

  • 1 EC100 alarm panel with a built in siren and strobe light

  • 1 Wireless Door Sensor

  • 1 Remote Control

  • Built in Rechargeable battery

  • Power Adapter (DC 12V/500mA)- South African Plug 1 User Manual