E-Series Wireless Smoke Detector

E-Series Wireless Smoke Detector

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E-Series Wireless Smoke Detector:

Our E-Series Wireless Smoke Detector is so easy to install.

And is suitable for office use and house hold use.

Also it can be installed against the wall or mounted on the ceiling.

It comes with a test button to ensure easy maintenance with an alarm signal which emits 85DB.

This can also be used as a standalone alarm unit.

This means when there is a fire; the senor will go off and beep constantly to notify you as it is fitted with a buzzer

  • High Accuracy

  • Loud sound signal of 85dB at alarm mode

  • Comes with a tamper switch

Why use a Wireless Smoke Detector:

Smoke alarms and smoke detectors save lives,.

But with so many different options available to you.

How do you know which is the most appropriate?

One of the main choices that you face is whether to opt for a wired or wireless alarm.

Many people enlist the services of a professional when fitting a new system, as getting it right is essential.

With a wireless smoke alarm system, you won’t have to worry about cables making your home unsightly.

And these systems can be fitted quickly and simply too.

Wireless systems use signals that are transmitted through a radio bandwidth in order to alert you to smoke or a fire.

If a fire does break out, there’ll be no damage to wires.

Conversely, in a wired system, the wires can be damaged before the alarm is triggered.

Whether you’re looking for domestic smoke detectors or specifically for battery smoke detectors.

It should never be too hard to find the most appropriate solution for your needs.