E-Series Signal Repeater

E-Series Signal Repeater

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E-Series Signal Repeater:

This E-Series Signal Repeater product will boost the wireless signal from wireless sensor up to 200 meters!

Repeaters are used where sensors are more than 80-100 meters away from the main unit like Lapas and out buildings.

2 Modes of operation:
a. Strengthen all signals
b. Learning mode to teach repeater to only strengthen specific sensor signals

In some cases huge houses with 2 or more levels might also need and repeater unit to strengthen sensor signals.

·         Work Voltage: DC12V

·         Static Current : 10mA

·         Work Current: 180mA

·         Study Capacity : 30 pcs

·         Receive Distance : 100m

·         Transmit Distance : 200~400m


To begin with if your home doesn’t have a security system.

Pre-installed, wireless systems can solve several problems.

Above all you won’t have to worry about drilling holes or making other modifications.

So wireless is an attractive option for:

  • Renters

  • Historic homes

  • Or buildings with significant interior brick, stone, or marble construction.