E-Series 4 Button Remote Control with Matte finish

E-Series 4 Button Remote Control with Matte finish

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E-Series 4 Button Remote Control with Matte finish:

E-Series 4 Button Remote Control with Matte finish –

The wireless remote control includes the following:

Black matte finish
alarm arm button
alarm disarm button
Stay at home arm button
panic button
30 Meter range

A wireless panic button is a device that can be pressed by a user to request immediate:

  • Police

  • Fire

  • Or medical dispatch.

As long as the button is within range of the panel.

It will tell the system to send a signal to the monitoring station for quick help.

Wireless panic buttons are security devices that are generally used in emergency situations only.

Once the button has been pressed.

A signal will be sent to the security panel so that a distress signal can be sent to the central station.

Once this signal has been received.

The central monitoring station will contact the authorities in the local area for help.

Depending on how the device has been programmed, police, fire or medical dispatch will be sent.

It is common for wireless panic buttons to be used in both residential and commercial applications for contacting the police.

The response type can also be set up as a silent panic.

So that the intruder will not know that an alarm has been activated.

Wireless panic buttons can also be used to request medical help.

Or to alert the fire department of a fire.

Many elderly or sickly people use wireless panic buttons.

To request immediate attention in the event of a medical emergency.

Additionally, it is also common to keep a wireless panic button in a kitchen in case a fire occurs.

So that the fire department can be easily contacted.

Many wireless keyfobs can also function as panic buttons.

This will allow you to carry a wireless keyfob with your car and house keys.

So that you can quickly access your panic button upon returning home.

While the other buttons will typically be used for simple actions like arming and disarming.

Having a button assigned as a panic is never a bad idea.

For instance, you might return home and notice a broken window while you are still in your car.