Security and Education

It is scary to think that your child has the possibility of being in an unsafe environment even though us as parents never want to think about it, unfortunately with the ongoing crime incidences in our country it is the sad and scary reality that we live in. Violence in school has increased drastically over the years, this results in children wanting to change schools, or even miss school all together because of the fear of being bullied.

The increased of violence in schools is a major concern for the education sectors. Violence occurs at any level of education. Stats say that 8% of students are involved in at least one physical fight at school and 6% missing school at least once in a month because of security fault. Acts of violence can also result fear in students as well as staff members, making the school environment a distressing place.

As an educational institution security should be of the highest priority to ensure all students are safe during any situation. By having a CCTV security system installed at schools one can also prevent vandalism. Safety at school encourages children to look forward to being in a safe environment, promoting social and creative learning. There is a high chance that if, their safety is not met, and children are at constant risk they might stop showing up altogether. Promoting school safety creates an open space for kids to learn and explore many new things.

Recently Maharashtra school education department issued guidelines on school safety stating, “Every school and junior college should install CCTV’s at the main entrance, campus and exit gates. Every child’s attendance should be marked thrice a day while sending messages to parents if their wards are absent. Even no child should be punished in such a way that could cause mental or physical trauma.”

We all want a safe learning environment for our children CCTV surveillance promotes that. We encourage all institutions to have security cameras on its premises. Together we can build a safer and better environment for all staff and learners.