Office safety

Theft and Crime is an ongoing case in South Africa that affects everyone whether it’s in your business or on the streets that you drive and walk on. Hikvision is the world leading brand in CCTV camera solutions and can be used in many applications depending on the need. Hikvision’s advance IP cameras have the capability of capturing number plates on vehicles entering or exiting the premises allowing businesses to have full control of who enters and who exits. Such a feature comes in handy during times where vehicles are involved in a heist or theft. Number plate capturing narrows information down till a point where you can identify your target vehicle with minimal effort and time. IP cameras have advanced smart features that allows you to have full control of any situation any time of the day by allowing you to view any event in real time tracking any movement. Another smart feature is alarms and triggers that gives you the freedom to choose when and where an alarm will be triggered as well as how responsive and sensitive the trigger is. Hikvision’s camera development group has done extensive research to improve such features so less false alarms and less false triggers to ensure the best results for your surveillance experience by cancelling movement of rain, wind, spider webs etc.  By doing this it allows more accurate information with less false alarms.

 Another benefit of having cameras around your business is it promotes employee honesty. Many businesses struggle to protect its most important assets from the outside world and many face the problem of theft within the business. By taking the right precautions this can be avoided or stopped completely promoting work ethics and productivity within the business. When CCTV cameras are placed strategically in a business office or workplace   they can prevent a number of unauthorized activities if employees are aware that they are being watched it can result in 100% honesty and definitely prevent them from doing things that are not permitted for example taking unnecessary breaks, stealing stationary and equipment, vandalism and trespassing etc.

Easy CCTV installers have over 15 years of shared experience to ensure the best result in your CCTV installation in any environment being indoors or outdoors and we strive to deliver the best quality products and service in the industry and will accommodate your security CCTV requirements and needs. Visit our camera website to get more information on our selected kits and products and don’t hesitate to call or ask for a quote.