Mobile and live viewing

One of the most asked question we get is “Does one need Wi-Fi for CCTV”.

The short answer is no. For a CCTV camera system to work one does not need internet access however if the user would like to live view on a mobile device internet is required. A CCTV DVR/NVR also known as a recorder does not operate with Wi-Fi but an internet LAN network cable. This insures the most stable and best internet connection for your device.

By having a network cable plugged into one’s surveillance system and the help of Hikvision Hik-connect app you have the capability of having smart triggers and alarm notifications sent to your mobile phone or via email. One also has the capability of live viewing on multiple mobile devices and computers. Hikvision, Hik-connect app is the best and easiest mobile app to use for live viewing. The Hik-Connect app gives the user the option of using features such as live viewing and playback on one’s mobile device anywhere in the world. The Hik-Connect app is easy to use, and navigation has never been better. Hikvision provides an application called IVMS-4200 that is designed for use on computers and laptops. This will give you capability to remotely configure your DVR/NVR anywhere in the world when internet connection is available. IVMS-4200 gives you the capability to access information and data from your DVR/NVR easily by just using the login account details that one has created.  

This is the 21st Century and everything we do is network based, and the advantage is that it makes everything easier. But even though it is not vital for a home security CCTV kit to have internet access it does help in the long run.