Mall/Center CCTV Surveillance

Customer safety is one of the greatest challenges when opening a mall or center that is available to the general public. With more customer feet there is a risk of stolen possessions and the threat of one’s life when an unwanted incident occurs. By having Hikvision’s CCTV surveillance system in place at your disposal you minimize the risk of unwanted mishap’s and uncontrollable incidences.

By having CCTV surveillance cameras at all entry and exit points a user can monitor who is entering and leaving the premises. With the aid of smart features and Hikvision’s license plate recognition cameras you are able to capture every vehicle exiting or entering the premises with ease through the capability of playback so you will be able to go back to any event anytime.  

Hikvision also offers advances cameras with the capability of facial recognition. By having this feature the user is able to identify an individual when he/she enters a restricted zone and will notify the control room. This feature also aids to prevent unwanted individuals visiting the mall or center the minute one enters a zone the facial recognition will capture the threats face and notify the user immediately. This feature can save lives and time by blacklisting unwanted faces.

CCTV security systems can monitor every corner and blind spot which will reduce the cost of hiring security guards to patrol the area. Hikvision security surveillance systems offer real time updates so you will never have to worry about unwanted individuals in your premises ever again.