How many CCTV cameras do I need for home security?

This is one of the most common asked questions about CCTV Camera installation.

This is a very broad question for the fact that every CCTV camera installation is never the same and not everyone has the same need and reason for getting a Surveillance system. In order to determine exactly what our customers’ needs are, there is a few basic questions that we need to ask them such as.

  • The reason why they want a CCTV surveillance system.
  • Exactly what would they like the security system to do for them.
  • Is the house a single story, double story, warehouse etc.
  • How much ground would you like to cover?
  • Is there internet available.
  • Would you like to add cameras in the future?
  • What is your budget?

 There are many options and packages for Hikvision home security starting from 4 channel 4 camera up to 32 channel 16 camera systems. One has the option to always add cameras onto an existing CCTV system depending on the channels that are available.

The most popular Hikvision CCTV kit we sell would be the 8 camera 16 channel kit, as it comes with everything one would need to start up with the option to add 8 more cameras in the future if need be.

Before purchasing a home security system, it is always recommended to speak to an expert who would be able to guide you step by step in order to ensure you are getting exactly what you need   before doing a major investment.

I always tell my clients cameras are not cheap. But the quality makes it worth every cent. Give us a call, at Easy CCTV, to ensure you get the best security camera set up for your home or business today.

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