How far can a camera see?

There are many different types of cameras with different lens sizes and night vision ratings. Hikvision cctv cameras start from 10 meters night vision and can go up to numbers of 200 meters and further depending on the camera type. The night vision gives one an indication to how far a camera can see at night but is not limited to that number. Just as an eye operates a camera works the same, you will be able to see movement in the distance, but distance can affect clarity.

The most important aspect of cameras would be the lens and lens size. The lens sizes start from 2.8mm-34mm, 2.8-12mm, 6-60mm, and 5-100mm. 2.8mm (95*+-) being the widest-angle lens and 34mm (20*+-) being the narrowest lens. The lens will determine the angle that the camera will view as well as how far the camera can view. Cameras come in two options Mono focal and Vari-Focal. Mono focal is a camera with a fixed lens size that cannot be adjusted. A Vari-Focal (Variable Focal) has the option to be varied and adjusted either for a wide angle or a narrow angle. A Vari-Focal camera gives it user the freedom of having a camera that can be used in many areas. These types of cameras generally come with a higher night vision rating.  There is also Zoom, which is similar to a Vari-focal lens the difference is a zoom camera can move to different focal lengths, but it will maintain focus while moving.

There are also Hikvision surveillance cameras that are available with a motorized lens such as a PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera this allows the user to control the lens size remotely from the DVR/NVR, unlike the manual Vari-focal that needs to be adjusted manually on the camera. Motorized PTZ cameras have auto movement tracking (Depending on the Model) this means it will follow any movement automatically. Such cameras are great to use in areas that are populated with a lot of people, or one must cover a great distance. Hikvision PTZ cameras also come in handy in parking lots. As this camera has the ability to track any vehicles that enter or exits the premises.

If you plan to put the camera around an office block, household or areas with a large perimeter a 2.8mm lens is recommended. We prefer using 2.8mm cameras as the wide angle covers most of the area. If you would like to cover your perimeter these cameras are the perfect choice.