Festive madness!!

As we all are aware the festive season is around the corner. And the madness has already started people are planning to go away for the holiday. The biggest concern for all home owners is the safety of their house and assets within them, when they are not present. Homes are known to be targeted during this period of time, and crime is already increasing at an alarming rate, so security surveillance has never been more important.

We all want a piece of mind knowing what is happening in and around our homes when we are not there. By having a CCTV security surveillance system installed at one’s home you have the capability of exactly knowing who is on your property and what is happening. By using the Hikvision mobile viewing app (Hik-Connect) you have access to your cameras anywhere in the world anytime if you have internet access. By using smart features such as line crossing one can draw a line in a red zone, the minute someone crosses that line you will receive an activity notification with an image of the incident. Another benefit is the ability track and view our furry friends to ensure they are safe and sound when we aren’t there.

The Hikvision Hik-Connect app is available on IOS as well as Android. By using this application, one can live view on multiple mobile devices by using the login account you created when setting up your DVR/NVR. There is application called IVMS-4200 that allows users to connect their laptop or computer to the DVR/NVR. By using IVMS-4200 the user is also able to configure their DVR/NVR remotely regardless on how far you are from home. In order to ensure this feature can be used one needs internet connectivity both on your mobile device and DVR/NVR.

Easy CCTV understand the initial cost of a security system can work out pricey depending on what is needed. Visit our website to view our deals this festive season so you can save on cost. We believe that it is vital for every home to have a Security CCTV system this festive season and are going the extra mile to ensure every home has the access to a quality Camera Installation and security solution.

Author: Cailan Johnson