Farmer and large area safety

Lately in South Africa there has been a lot of crime targeted at farmers. Farm security is vital to ensure safe working environments are available for employees and farmers. With the increase in the demand for farmers and food in South Africa there is also an increase in farm and land invasions. This is the sad but true reality we live in. According to the news farm and land invasions has doubled in 2019 compared to the previous year which has caused a major spike in security breaches around the country.

Hikvision specializes in IP PTZ cameras that gives the users the capability of viewing over a distance of 150 meters during the day time or night time ensuring that anything with in that range will be seen. Advance smart features are standard with the ability to create line crossings that will set off an alarm the minute a person crosses it warning the user that someone has entered a unauthorized area. The PTZ also has the capability of monitoring movement in a certain area and will alert you when someone is in your field or yard and can even count how much movement and traffic was in that area. Hikvision’s PTZ cameras come with auto light balance to ensure that regardless of the light exposure it will record in high resolution every time so you will never miss anything. By having PTZs on a farm it helps find cattle in far distances and helps one monitor where the cattle are as well as their movement all from the comfort of your home or on your mobile phone.

PTZs are standard with IP65 so they are water and weather resistant to with stand the harshest of environments ensuring you get the best quality imagine without compromising quality of the camera. IP PTZs have Infra-red standard which allows you to view up to 150 meters during the night time with high quality resolution so that you can see exactly what is happening.

Farmer safety is important in our country and there is no exception for putting your life on the line. Take a step back and let the CCTV cameras do its job. By having real time videos feeds it allows one to contact the authority’s more quickly and be more responsive to any situation that may occur. Knowing exactly what is happening in a very large area is very hard and requires a lot of time and human resources having PTZs take away the human aspect of monitoring allowing the user to have a peace of mind knowing that they are safe and don’t have to worry about what is in the area.