Crime and security

Security is a vital part in any household, business, school, shopping center and estate. Crime is a major factor in South Africa. As the country grows so does the venerability of us as individuals in our day to day life at work, home or on the streets. Hikvision security combined with the experience of Easy CCTV strives to ensure safety around South Africa. By using Hikvision cameras the world’s number 1 security solution brand you would be able to use smart functions to your advantage such as line detection, advanced motion detection, boarded parameters and many more.

You will never miss a moment and have the capability of using the playback feature to back track to any event that happened. If someone unauthorized enters a zone his/her face will be recorded and saved on the DVR / NVR for later use. Video and photo footage can be used in a court of law as evidence against the suspect which will strengthen the case and help maintain justice. By having surveillance cameras on your property you can enforce law and keep your family and assets protected from unwanted guests.

Security cameras can help prevent several safety mishaps in businesses such as fire, elevator accidents etc. By using Hikvision CCTV live feed viewing option, one can inform authorities if anything unsafe is about to happen. This allows faster response time and one can also take the necessary actions to prevent ordeals. By using CCTV security cameras in large areas and businesses it allows for 24/7 security which can save a company or estate money because there won’t be a need to hire security personnel. Cameras prove to be a onetime investment and can operate for years and are proven to be much cheaper than hiring various security personnel. Cameras are most cost effective because they continue doing their job regardless of time and other factors. They continue to work not only indoors but also outdoors in the harshest of weather conditions such as wind and heavy rain where security man force might not be able to work.

One of the major advantages of using security cameras for home use is the ability to record during the day and night. Hikvision produces advanced night vision cameras that allows individuals to see at night anywhere between 30 meters up to 150 meters in the dark with high resolution video footage that can clearly identify important details. Night time security is just as important as daytime security if not more important. By having CCTV cameras cover large areas of your property, you minimize the chances of attackers at night. This technology in cameras have the capability of self-adjusting low light conditions so it doesn’t matter what the lighting condition is the camera will capture the incident. CCTV cameras can also be used to track visitors and traffic throughout the day which helps business keep record of movement of feet and vehicles in a specified area and one has the option to go back to any event and review the footage.  You and your family are priceless and non-replaceable assets and us at Easy CCTV values that and are working daily to improve security so that you and your family can sleep with peace of mind knowing that you have the best security solution in your household.