Can you have a security camera system without Internet?

If you would like to run your CCTV system without internet you can. Even though an IP camera system is a network-based surveillance system you are capable of using it off the grid. What this means is you can set up your NVR without internet present. The same goes for an analogue camera system, you are able to configure the DVR without internet present.

The only down fall of not having internet connected to your CCTV surveillance system is you can’t get the full connectivity potential that the system offers. Mainly the mobile (Hik-Connect) viewing that is available with any camera system. You also won’t be able to use IVMS4200 to live view on your laptop and computer. What this means is you would not be able to remotely configure your system anywhere in the world.

If you have a wireless camera you would need Wifi in order for the device to send and receive information. In this case Internet is needed to connect your device to the app. Without internet access it will not be possible to configure your Wifi based camera (Ezviz C3A) in some cases. A good Wifi signal is required to get the best performance out of your wireless system.

The great thing is, if a monitor is present you will still be able to view what is happening on your CCTV system. I always recommend connecting your camera system to the internet, as it opens up a whole new world and experience. You are then able to use all the features your system offers. You will be able to receive notifications via email or your mobile number. This helps in times when you are not present at the house, your Hikvision DVR/NVR will notify you the minute motion is detected in the area. You will also receive a screen shot of the incident as well as the time the incident took place.